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mIRC 7.07 Beta veröffentlicht

Erstellt von Rhodan am Dienstag 13. Juli 2010

Die neue mIRC Beta Version 7.07 enthält weitere Bugfixes, der Changelog ist im Anhang zu finden.

Direkter Download von der aktuellen mIRC 7.07 Beta Version: hier
(Engl. Information aus dem Forum: Please do not download the beta unless you are willing to spend time dealing with bugs and submitting bug reports.)

versions.txt (Changelog):

09/07/2010 – mIRC v7.07

1.Fixed /showmirc -s bug with maximized windows.
2.Fixed INI routines quote handling bug.
3.Fixed F11 full screen gpf bug when many windows are open.
4.Changed folder selection dialog to allow editbox input.
5.Fixed /timer -h consistency bug.
6.Fixed window vertical scrollbar bug when lines were trimmed due to
exceeding maximum buffer size in some situations.
7.Fixed transfer windows displaying & characters as accelerators.
8.Changed script editor to display message when desktop setting is
9.Fixed iswm bug where * wildcard was not matching $null.
10.Added $ properties to return cursor position relative
to primary monitor.
11.Fixed /bwrite file pointer bug.
12.Fixed $window().dx/dy bug.

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