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lightIRC 0.9.9 veröffentlicht

Erstellt von Rhodan am Samstag 3. April 2010

Vom Flash Webchat lightIRC wurde die Version 0.9.9 veröffentlicht. Die neue Version enthält Bugfixes, sowie neue Sprachen und die Proxy-Funktionalität wurde entfernt, mehr siehe Changelog.

Download von lightIRC 0.9.9: hier


  • Added Greek (gr), Brasilian Portuguese (br), Italian (it), Catalan (cat) and Bulgarian (bg) translations and corrected Turkish translation
  • lightIRC is not accessing an authentication file at anymore. lightIRC 0.9.9 is completely independent and can even work in a local network without internet access.
  • You can omit the # when typing /join channel or /j channel
  • Reduced row height in the user list
  • Removed proxy functionality as it is not running good enough for production environments
  • Parameter nickCentral is now called showRegisterNicknameButton (for the sake of consistency)
  • Parameter nickselectSuggestion is deprecated. If you have nickselect=yes, the parameter nick gets filled in
  • List popup window resizes automatically if there is little space
  • Webcam windows are resizable
  • Code cleanup and some refactoring
  • Fix: Sometimes the chat text did not properly scroll down
  • Fix: Removed white as default background color (skins with background colors didn’t work correctly in 0.9.8)
  • Fix: User list got filled incorrectly when performing an automatic reconnect after a connection abort
  • Fix: Topics in list output were not parsed properly

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