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lightIRC 0.9.7 veröffentlicht

Erstellt von Rhodan am Sonntag 17. Januar 2010

Eine neue Version, 0.9.7, wurde von dem Flash-Webchat lightIRC veröffentlicht. Es ist die Version mit dem längsten Changelog und bringt viele Bugfixes und neue Features. Der Entwickler teilt mit, dass lightIRC direkt auf dem Weg zu Version 1.0 ist.

Download von lightIRC: hier


  • Added translations for French (fr) and Albanian (al)
  • Added options panel to manage some local settings. Can be disabled through showOptionsButton=no
  • Added SharedObject support to store options locally. lightIRC will use your old nickname and preferences if you come back
  • Param policyPort lets you define on which port Flash Player should look for a crossdomain.xml (default: 843)
  • Panel to select a nickname pops up again if server sends “nickname in use” (if nickselect=yes)
  • Whois in the User Central looks cleaner now
  • Errors are written to the active window, e.g. “No such nick” messages
  • Switched order of autojoin and perform. Perform will now be executed before joining the channels
  • Added support for part messages
  • If your own nickname gets mentioned in a channel, you receive an acoustic signal and your nick is written bold
  • Default ban bask in the User Central is now *!*@host instead of nick!*@*
  • You can use the variable $me in the perform parameter. This allows things like perform=”/mode $me +x” to cloak your hostmask
  • Param newMessageSound is now called soundAlerts
  • Param nickServPass identifies the user to NickServ with the given password
  • Param showListButton lets you hide the button to list all channels on a server
  • Param showJoinPartMessages hides joins, parts and quits in all channels
  • Param showButtonBar=no hides server, channel and query buttons at the bottom
  • Param showRichTextControls=no hides buttons for text formatting (bold, underline, color)
  • Param showNickChangeButton=no hides button to change the nickname
  • Param showTimestamps=no hides timestamps in front of all received messages and commands
  • Param chatAreaClickOnUser has different options (select, central, query). It defines the event that should happen when you click on a nickname in front of a message in the chat area
  • Fix: Old lines in the chat area get dropped if there are more than 500 messages (chat became very slow without this change on verbose channels)
  • Fix: Dates were not correctly displayed in topics and whois requests
  • Fix: Nickchange of your partner while having a query was not updated
  • Fix: Nickchange during login process was not updated internally
  • Fix: Receiving < and > and formatted text in notices were broken
  • Fix: Optimized color rendering and fixed that sometimes URLs were not shown
  • Fix: Special hostnames like user!user@0::ffff: were not supported
  • Fix: First channel gets opened when leaving a channel or closing a query (instead of showing the server window)

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