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InspIRCd 2.0.3 veröffentlicht

Erstellt von Rhodan am Donnerstag 3. März 2011

InspIRCd 2.0.3 wurde veröffentlicht. Die neue Version ist ein reines Bugfixrelease.

Direkter Download von InspIRCd 2.0.3: hier


  • Fix bug #83
  • Fix bug #110
  • Fix bug where an empty parameter is generated when input to a tokenstream ends in a colon
  • Fix bug #117, found by satmd, thanks
  • Remove bad return statement – noticed by zynox, thanks
  • Fix bug #113
  • Restore prefix
  • Simplify ClearAllConnections code and fix possible crash
  • Fix possible crash
  • Fix taint mode execution
  • Register the silence list extension
  • Remove m_sqlv2.h from these modules, they both use v3 now.
  • Fix memory leak in m_conn_waitpong caught by its breaking in 2.1
  • Fix kick level check to scan all status modes and not skip checks for modeless users
  • Work around old GNU make’s inability to use "else if"
  • Fix kicking permisisons – GetPrefixChar returns the prefix, not the mode character
  • Fix unsafe iteration in m_timedbans
  • A zero return from gnutls_record_send is not an error
  • Fix global notice of timedban add and remove being sourced from all servers
  • SVSNICK should not translate nicks to UIDs
  • Build fixes for darwin
  • Recreate the build/include symlink so that changing the build location works as expected
  • Add gettimeofday() fallback for systems without clock_gettime
  • Fix the pseudo-penalty hack that doesn’t work properly

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