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Atheme 5.1.0 veröffentlicht

Erstellt von Rhodan am Montag 3. Mai 2010

Die Version 5.1.0 von den Atheme Services wurde veröffentlicht. Die neue Version enthält viele Bugfixes, sowie neue Funktionen und Verbesserungen und ein paar Module die von anderen Entwicklern zum Projekt beigefügt wurden. In der neuen Version hat sich einiges bei der Unterstützung der IRCds geändert: Verbesserungen für den InspIRCd sind dabei, die Unterstützung für den ShadowIRCd wurde aktualisiert, für den Ithildin IRCd wurde nun die Unterstützung hinzugefügt und die für den hyperion IRCd (der ehemalige IRCd vom Freenode) wurde entfernt.
Weitere Neuerungen sind im angehängten Changelog zu finden.

Download von Atheme 5.1.0 (Mercurial): hier

Changelog (englisch):

Atheme Services 5.1 Release Notes
[MERGED] indicates items merged to the 5.0 branch
ircd protocol
– inspircd: common code has been merged into inspircd-aux, this will continue in the next version with inspircd 1.1 support.
– inspircd: several unsupported module configurations are now programatically marked as such.
– inspircd: permanent channels are now tracked in 1.2 and later. (SRV-29)
– inspircd: add support for receiving SVSNICK (nick collisions)
– inspircd: add support for m_ojoin
– TS6: add support for MLOCK
– shadowircd: updated module to shadowircd6
– hyperion: removed
– Added support for ithildin1. This is still a bit experimental.
– ircnet: support added for server hostmasking.
– add missing helpfiles
– botserv bots now quit instead of splitting when terminating/restarting services (SRV-12)
– FLAGS: allow +F* as well as +*F
– add missing helpfiles
– add support for CERTFP (CERT command)
– reject jupes with names containing wildcards.
– add os_trace contrib module. This module looks up users by various criteria and lets you perform actions on them.
– add os_akillnicklist contrib module. Automatically AKILLs a list of clients, given their operating parameters.
– change CLEARCHAN GLINE action to AKILL to be more consistent with the rest of Atheme. GLINE still exists as an alias to AKILL.
– add AUTHCOOKIE SASL method which allows for integration with Iris code
– add taint subsystem which allows developers to programatically define unsupportable conditions.
– constify *line_sts() protocol module functions.
– track deaf umode and set it on services clients if fantasy is disabled.
– allow #else in helpfiles
– startup flag -r (read-only) added.
– enable large file support.
– Add ‚force_language‘ to sourceinfo_t, which forces the locale to be reset to the language specified by the sourceinfo structure. Useful for forcing XMLRPC responses to be in English.
– force dependency calculation before most targets to fix -j problems; there is a new target build-nodeps to skip this for subsequent builds (like the old behaviour of build).
– logging system entirely reworked. snoop() is deprecated and will be removed in the next version.
– add general::exempts config block, for masks that will never be automatically klined.
– add configurable command aliases to the services blocks
– helpfiles added for all contrib modules.
– make the wumpus contrib module compile and work again.
– anope_convert: support newer 1.8.x Anope versions and made anope_convert a bit more robust in handling encrypted passwords.

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