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ZNC 0.080 veröffentlicht

Erstellt von Rhodan am Donnerstag 18. Februar 2010

In der neuen Version 0.080 vom ZNC Bouncer sind sowohl Bugfixes, als auch neue Funktionen zu finden.

Download vom ZNC 0.080: hier
Changelog: hier

Neue Funktionen (englisch):

– Update to latest Csocket.
– Only allow admins to load modtcl unless -DMOD_MODTCL_ALLOW_EVERYONE is used.
– Include /me’s in the query buffer. (r1687)
– Some tweaks to savebuff to differentiate it more from buffextras.
– send_raw can now also send to clients. (r1697)
– Move the „Another client authenticated as you“-message into new module clientnotify.
– Imported block_motd module into extra.
– Imported flooddetach into extra.
– Added new setting ServerThrottle which sets a timeout between connections to the same server.
– Only ask for the more common modules in –makeconf.
– Use UTF-8 as default charset for webadmin.
– Revamped default webadmin skin. It’s very grayish, but looks way more like 2010 than the old default skin does.
– New font style for the „ice“ webadmin skin.
– Added a summary line to /znc listchans.
– The admin module can now handle more settings and got some missing permission checks added.

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