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Anope Development 1.9.1 veröffentlicht

Erstellt von Rhodan am Mittwoch 14. Oktober 2009

Seit 6 Monaten wird bereits an der gepatchten Version von 1.9.0 gearbeitet (bekannt als 1.9.0-p1). Nun hat das Anope Team die Ziele erreicht, welche sie sich für Anope 1.9.1 vorstellten.

Wichtige Veränderungen sind folgende (englisch):

* Account functionality has been introduced (and will continue to evolve) so you don’t have to group every single nickname you use if it’s only a temporary fixture such as chaz|birthday, chaz|brbsuicide, etc. A knock on from this means you will need to /NS LOGOUT before you can group nicks to your account but we’re looking at whether we can automate this functionality for later.

* Fantasy Commands – We know how much people love our very own Viper’s bs_fantasy_ext module and how troubled you all were when it wasn’t available for 1.9.x well now you don’t even need it, the majority and some more functionality have been put into Chanserv directly, give it a go, tell us if we’ve missed anything!

* Opertypes – We’ve listened and responded to people wanting to provide granular access to commands on their own terms, not being stuck to fixed roles as previously so starting with 1.9.1 you will be able to declare your own oper types, assign them specific or blanket permissions and even allow non-opers to use commands on all pseudo clients EXCEPT Operserv (OSOpersOnly enabled by default) which many people wanted to do by allowing help operators perform some tasks that previously only a services oper (and in turn an irc operator) could only do.

* Improved InspIRCd 1.2 Support – We’ve worked very hard to bring good support for this newly released as stable version of InspIRCd. A big thanks to those guys for being approachable and helping us innovate and build improved platform support together. I can predict a bright future continuing to work with these guys to make it happen.

Hier ist die Roadmap, auf der zu sehen ist, was für Ziele an der 1.9.1 erreicht worden sind und zu sehen ist, was noch kommen soll.

Nähere Informationen zum Release: hier
Anope Development 1.9.1 zum Download: SourceforgeAnope Mirror

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