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InspIRCd 1.2.0 veröffentlicht

Erstellt von Rhodan am Samstag 29. August 2009

Nach einigen Jahres des Entwickelns und Monate des Testens wurde heute der InspIRCd 1.2.0 veröffentlicht. Seit der Veröffentlichung von 1.2.0rc5 wurden bisher keine Fehler gemeldet und das Team ist somit sicher, dass die Fehler behoben wurden.

Die neue Version enthält viele Neuerungen, die an Ideen aus vielen Bereichen der IRC-Gemeinde anlehnen. Ebenso wurden eigene Ideen hinzugefügt. Einige Performance-Verbesserungen und viele architektonische Verbesserungen wurden vorgenommen. Der InspIRCd 1.2.0 wird nun empfohlen, aber 1.1 wird weiterhin unterstützt, falls man nicht umsteigen möchte.

Die neuen Funktionen sehen so aus (englisch):

  • Support for channel extended bans with many different extended ban types available to use – any channel restriction (like +S for stripping colours) can also apply as an extban
  • Reworked configuration files that are easier to understand and make InspIRCd easier to configure.
  • Limits such as max nick length, max channel length and so on are configurable via the inspircd.conf rather than at compile-time.
  • Support for IRCd-level fantasy commands such as !op in m_alias.
  • Support for hybrid’s +g callerid mode.
  • m_shun is now an official module
  • Ability to save all xlines (/cban, /qline, any command level ban) to a xline.db file so if you only have one server, you don’t lose all your bans if the server goes down.
  • Support for pluggable regular expression modules including Glob, POSIX, TRE and PCRE.
  • Penalty (“fakelag”) system to better discourage users from flooding the server.
  • Availability of privsets for opers and the ability to set what oper-only user modes and channel modes a oper class can set.
  • Support for custom casemapping in nicknames and across the network.
  • Ability to hash more than just oper passwords. You can now have hashed <connect> block passwords and restart and die passwords.
  • Support for permanent channels. When a oper sets channelmode +P on a channel, if everyone leaves, the channel stays open, keeps all its channel bans, topic and is still displayed in /list.
  • Many SSL features such as linking using a SSL fingerprint as authentication, opering with a SSL fingerprint as authentication, requiring opers to use SSL to oper up and more were added with the m_sslinfo module.
  • Support for customisable oper prefixing (like ‘!’) in channels.
  • Ability to limit number of users allowed in a connect class with the limit=”” option.
  • Support for Regex-based bans with /RLINE.
  • New module, m_connectban, that will zline a user for connect and quit flooding after a certain amount of connects/quits in a certain amount of time.
  • Support for Executable includes to the configuration file which can be used to create remote includes.
    /invite timers. Ability to set invites that expire a la: /invite foo #bar 5m for a invite that would expire in 5 minutes.
  • Ability to log server notices to channel (m_chanlog)
  • Configurable prefixes for +qa (m_chanprotect). No longer are you required to use ~&, you can change +a’s prefix to be ! or some other character if you’d like.
  • A new modulemanager was added for a Package Manager-like system for 3rd-party modules.
  • Support for CIDR range detection of flooding and throttling, meaning distributed attacks are less effective
  • User modes and Channel modes can also now be disabled in the <disabled> block in the configuration file
  • Lower memory and CPU usage than any previous InspIRCd release.
  • Many, many more!

Direkter Download von InspIRCd 1.2.0: hier
Changelog: hier

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